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bout the Show..

The World Today was a two-hour long show streamed via BlogtalkRadio. Hour one was co-hosted in New York and Greece with the second hour done from Greece.

Andy Salcedo 

Andy Salcedo

Andy Salcedo, Asnycnow Radio Presenter/Contributor

Andy Salcedo, is the New York-based presenter for Asnycnow Radio and hosted hour one. 

Previously served as a chatroom moderator for and was the author of The City & My Life Blog on

He served as presenter and on-air engineer for The World Today’s first hour.


Vicki Nikolaidis

Vicki S. Nikolaidis

Vicki S. Nikolaidis, Asnycnow Radio Presenter/Contributor

Vicki S. Nikolaidis lives in Greece on the island of Crete, She served as co-presenter of TWT’ and hosted the second hour of the show.

 She grew up on a farm in Iowa.  She has worked as a chemist and environmental engineer both as a consultant and university professor.

Throughout her life she has been a peace and justice activist and a media activist.

The Iowan columnist, Donald Kaul got her interested in politics from his columns in the Cedar Rapids Gazette when she first became hooked on the news as a teenager.

Also starting in the 1980s Vicki became involved with SOA Watch and CISPES due to her disapproval of atrocities being carried out against the people of Central America by USA foreign policy and USA trained military personnel.

Vicki is also a member of Fair and Accuracy in Reporting since 1986 when FAIR started challenging media bias and censorship while reading the works Donald Kaul and the other practical thinkers in The Progressive Populist from the Heartland at

Vicki is also a writer.  She blogs at Red Room, a site for authors and writers,http://www.redroom/member/vickinikolaidis & at the Big Think web site where she tries to write short and sweet lessons on Global Warming as well as other subjects such as creativity, creative solutions and the European Union


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