Vicki Nikolaidis Leaves Asnycnow

Asnycnow Europe Affairs Editor Vicki Nikolaidis , who also fronts the Asnycnow Radio 1 sunday afternoon program ”The Conversation w/ Vicki Nikolaidis” and has served as an Editor to the  ”Environment” Page has left Asnycnow Network for a ne w job in her hometown in  Greece.

Vicki joined Asnycnow in 2009 as part of a restructure of Asnycnow Radio and hosted the second hour of the  Asnycnow Radio 1 Show ”The World Today” until the second hour of ”TWT” became ”The Interview” which was renamed ”The Conversation” in April 2010. ”The Conversation” will be on hiatus until Further Notice.

Vicki who was also the European Affairs Editor for Asnycnow Network , was scheduled to Host the May 2nd Edition of ”The Conversation”  and to Front a new program based on the Environment Column, has accepted a new job offer and notified me via Email :

“Hi Andy, So happy to have had the opportunity to work with you on Asnycnow Radio! I’ve accepted a job that will require a lot of work. I’m fortunate given the state of the economy in Greece so couldn’t turn it down. You and I had so many laughs! Remember when Shelley was on the show? You had us in stitches. But also you bring up lots of interesting, serious subjects – that reminds me our talk with Raul, which was nice, too. So I have to move on to new projects. Thanks, Boss man, for my internship, I learned a lot. Best wishes for your continued success in the world of Internet Radio! your friend, Vicki”

on behalf of Asnycnow Network, we wish Vicki the best in her future Endeavors!!!


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