UN urges world to care for Earth

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged all governments, businesses and citizens of the world to give Mother Earth the respect and care she deserves.

Wed, 21 Apr 2010  People all around the world raise their green environmental flags to commemorate the International Mother Earth Day one day a year, on April 22.

This year Ban Ki-moon sent a message promoting the right of all humans to live a healthy life in harmony with nature.

“Mother Earth —our only home— is under pressure. We are making unreasonable demands on her and she is showing strain,” Ban’s message reads. “We are now beginning to see the consequences of failing to safeguard our investment.”
Millenium Development Goals
“The impact of our neglectful stewardship is being felt most by the world’s most vulnerable people; those who live on desert margins, and indigenous communities,” he added.

“Environmental sustainability —the wise management of Mother Earth’s bounty— is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals adopted a decade ago by United Nations Member States. The deadline for achieving the goals is 2015. Protecting mother Earth must be an integral component of strategy,” Ban further explained in the message.

The Millennium Development Goals aims to teach people more about saving Mother Earth, and promote environmentally friendly practices to help everybody go green.




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