George Papandreou: “We Defend Our National Interests”

Friday, 16 April 2010 14:10

papandreou_vouli645Addressing the House on Friday, the Prime Minister touched on national affairs. Georg-e Papandreou underlined that the only dispute with Ankara to be resolved is the continental self. Communist leader Aleka Papariga expressed her concerns over Greece’s national affairs, arguing that after the Imia incidence, NATO ratifies the disputes raised by Turkey.

“Figments of Imagination”

“You are nourishing worries and associate everything in a manner befitting a conspiracy-like reasoning, and of course, these are the stereotypes you usually employ when dealing with national affairsG. Papandreou “Press reports referring to the division of the Aegean at the 25th meridian or to Greece’s commitment to support Kosovo’s independence and the use of FYROM as a US protectorate are nothing by figments of imagination,” Papandreou replied to Aleka Papariga.”If you wish to believe them, you are building your policy upon false information,” added he.

In her question, Aleka Papariga cited press reports on the division of the Aegean. She also cited a document issued by the US chief of the NATO air base in Izmir, whereby the Aegean is a grey zone. She then referred to positions that believe that the talks on the Greek-Turkish disputes include more than the issue of the continental shelf.


Papariga expressed her party’s concern, arguing that the press reports were not all wrong.

“Ever since 1996, our national sovereign rights have been under dispute. The EU does not associate our rights and the Aegean border with Turkey’s EU bid. There is the deal brokered because Simitis and Demirel. We know that Turkey believe that some Greek islands are not covered by the continental shelf and NATO keeps excluding those islands from its drills,” commented Papariga.

“You are trying to cover up the issue by dividing the Aegean, something that will have an adverse effect on the islands’ defence. We do not suggest a war, problems can be resolved. However, the acute rivalry in the area and the fact that NATO recognizes the grey zones that Turkey recognizes make us feel concerned. There are no agreements in the modern worlds that do not lead to new rounds of wars,” noted the Greek Communist leader.

In response, George Papandreou said: “You have adopted a position whereby the Imia isle is officially disputed for petty party expediencies. There is no such a thing. Greece does not recognize that. Imia is a Greek isle. Of course, various issues are referred to the Hague and that’s why we suggest referring to the Hague,” and urged Papariga to cease nourishing phobias and concerns based on false and groundless information.

The Prime Minister also said that his government requested the US chief of the NATO air base in Izmir to recall the document regarding the Aegean which he finally did. He then went on to add that Greece is working on to have Europe pledge to accept the Balkan nations in the EU in 2014.

“With regard to the FYROM name dispute and the Cyprus issue, we have set the red lines and we ought to promote the said issues to all the nations and to our bilateral talks. In every trip and meeting, we promote the above positions and despite the tough financial conditions, we know how to defend our national interests,” stressed George Papandreou.

Source: NET, NET 105.8, ANA/MPA


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