Eurogroup: “Ready if Necessary”

Friday, 16 April 2010 15:54

giounker_trise_mLegal processes for approving aid to Greece, should it be needed, are progressing satisfactorily in all eurozone member states, Eurogroup President and Luxembourg Finance Minister Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday.
Eurozone ministers Sunday made an offer of up to E30 billion in bilateral loans to heavily-indebted Greece, which will be combined with extra loans from the International Monetary Fund.

But the markets have continued to pressure Greece because of concerns that legal proceedings in some countries could hinder the ability of the Eurozone countries to give aid.

“Almost all has been said,” on Greece, Juncker told reporters in Madrid after a meeting of finance ministers here Friday. But he stressed that Greece has not asked for aid yet.

Juncker said legal proceedings in all of the Eurozone countries are “proceeding satisfactorily.”



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