Black and white meets new technology at photo show

Traditional black and white is sharing the spotlight with color and new digital formats at a major international photography show that runs through Sunday in New York.

“There are two different audiences, but they are certainly coming together more than they have in previous years,” said Stephen Bulger, a Toronto gallery owner and president of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD), which organized the show.

“For the most part, people who were collecting black and whites in the 1970s and 80s were not interested in color at all. Then they were worried about the longevity of it. But now the camps are coming together.”

The show, which opened Thursday, features works from more than 70 major photography galleries, including a wide range of museum-quality work, modern and 19th century photographs, photo-based art, video and new media.

The New York show is the longest running and among the most important exhibitions of fine art photography.

The works range from those of digital media artist Shirley Shor, whose alternating images of a man’s and a woman’s face is listed for sale at 20,000 dollars, to the 1856 black and white still life of early French photographer Adolphe Braun.

“It is only a bouquet of flowers, but the range of tones between black and white is impressive for the period, and this photo remains intact after 150 years,” said Paris gallery owner Jonas Tebib, who lists the print at 6,000 dollars.

The highest price tag of the show goes to a unique 1921 print by US photographer Edward Weston, who died in 1958. This is the first time Weston’s photograph of a naked woman’s bust is shown in public, and the owner is asking for 650,000 dollars.

Andy Warhol’s black and white photographs from 1976 to 1979 are displayed by Steven Kasher Gallery, which is also showing the first ever prints of autochrome prints, from the National Geographic collection dated 1907-1925.


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