Request for Joining in Cooperation and Rejecting Tribalism

February 3 at 3:56pm

SOSA Sudanese Artists

From Doum Benjamin.

To members of SOSA-Southern Sudanese Artists (join us on Facebook at

Dear brothers and sisters,

Please lets join our hands together and help put an end to tribalism in our Nation. It is an issue that is destroying our Families, Communities, and Nation. Everyday we pick on one another, kill one another, and gossip about one another. How long must this HATE continue amongst us? Well for me, i say enough is enough! We are the future generation of our Nation.

Whether you are Dinka, Nuer, Bari, Azande, Jurchol, Acholi, or Mundari ; Its time to unite and put an end to this disease. We must be the change we wish to see in our Country. Lets be IMPECCABLE With our Words and Actions. Lets Speak with INTEGRITY. Lets say only what we MEAN, and avoid using the words to speak AGAINST our own kind or to GOSSIP about our other brothers and sisters. Most of all, lets put our DIFFERENCES aside, and start to share our COMMON grounds “Music, Art, and Culture”. By doing so, i strongly believe we can help build a STRONG, UNITED, SOUTH SUDAN.

Please help me keep this movement going. Post it on your wall, share it with your friends and families. 2010, its time to CHANGE!

Yaba Angelosi
Doum Benjamin


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