Contact numbers so you can help Haiti

From Facebook Group :Let’s Put and End to Human Trafficking, Michael

Today, a magnitude of a 7.0 quake hit Haiti with 17 after shocks, one being as high as 5.9
Tomorrow morning will either bring a sigh of relief, knowing that there is slighter number of victims than expected, or it will send cries throughout nations.

2 million people are in the capital, an area where only 300,000 should be supported. With such a high number condensed in a small area, the death-toll may be devastating.

A lot of help will be needed. I realize this is an advocacy group for combating the human trafficking issue, but I’m sending this out in hopes of having those that are interested, in participating and assisting however they may.

Whenever you are comfortable, either once learning more about this issue or now, you can either –
Text – Yele to 501501 ; this option will charge your phone $5 and send it as a donating to the Haiti Relief fund. (Website terms – : NON PROFIT
The Red Cross’ International Relief Fund, call 1-800-257-7575

You can contact that number and donate funds towards the relief for Haiti specifically.

I thank you for generosity and taking time to read this.

Take caHare,

P.S. Haiti last year experienced awful hurricanes which created havoc throughout the country and put it in great debt. Recently, they were able to reach an agreement with the World Bank to eliminating billions in debt. They just received the assistance and this has hit their land.

Before you donate, I suggest you do more research and make sure you’re certain you’d like to make a donation and the group you’re donating to.


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  1. From Twitter @anoopk07
    If you are in America – You can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts in #haiti. (via @redcross)

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