A true story of today’s slave trade. Let’s stop it.

photographer Melanie Hamman Times jan 10-2009

Orphans too often sold into slavery for $$ and drugs

How often have I tried to start a discussion about the slave trade is the same amount of times I have been dismissed.  Time magazine addresses the issue, a prime mainstream news source of the west. Time to take the issue seriously, people.  Do not overlook this article, you will learn about how the world works and what actions are being taken to start fixing the problem.  Not enough is being done by a long shot when countries are more interested in investing in war rather than stopping slavery.

The New Slave Trade by E. Benjamin Skinner Monday, Jan. 18, 2009

“As Sindiswa told me her story, her voice trailed off, and the man who brought me to her — Andre Lombard, 39, a pastor of the Christian Revival Church — laid his hands on her. Lombard had a penetrating gaze and a simmering rage toward men who abuse women. His father, a brutal drunkard, had beaten his mother regularly. Lombard became a born-again Christian at age 17, then served in South Africa’s élite special forces for 11 years


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  1. I would like to share with you some resources I have found valuable.
    Twittering about Human Trafficking Get Live Updates on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/aaroncohen777
    Coalition to Abolish Slavery web site http://www.abolishslavery.org
    Website is full of valuable information for abolishing slavery, missions, research and includes videos.
    Book for valuable information (available also as an audiobook)
    “Not for Sale: The Return of Global Slave Trade and How We Can Fight It” by David Batstone Publisher of the audiobook is christianaudio.com
    Let’s Put An End To Human Trafficking. Join, Invite Your Friends on Facebook.
    http://www.pendingfreedom.org/ (27 Million People Enslaved)

  2. Thanks… Ever since I read Skinner’s book a couple years ago, I’ve been kind of obsessed with calling attention to the issue. I’m sorry to say that even some of the best and smartest, most educated people I know just blow off the issue instantly. But I want to encourage you not to give up! Three people who’ve in the past told me to just drop it already, have read this very article and are now calling and emailing their friends about this info. I truly believe that if people really know the facts, they’ll want to help, and I believe this problem CAN be solved in our lifetime.

  3. That’s wonderful Kiki.
    I don’t understand how people can just dismiss this terrible human rights abomination!
    I’m glad you haven’t given up talking and learning and taking action on this terrible problem.
    Let’s continue with all the other good people doing what they can.

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